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In today’s context, Audio-visual aids would have been the best to spread Baba’s message.
Foundation has been working with the intention of giving what the eye crave to look at, what the mind is prepared to believe in, & what inspires heart to accept and practice.

During the year 2001 few devotees as a service to Baba’s cause, got together to find suitable ways & means to spread the BABA’s divine message to all and formed “Shirdi Sai Baba Foundation”.

So a movie was made by the Foundation in year 2002 besides that, Movie even got the President of India Award. Revenue generated was ploughed back to set-up a SHIRDI SAI BABA Temple at a holy place like Vrindavan (the place of Lord Krishna).

The SHIRDI SAI BABA film was made by roping in the famous matinee idols like Sudhir Dalvi, Arif Zakaria, Shammi Kapoor, Dharmendra, Suresh Oberoi, Vikram Gokhale, Syaji Shinde, Rohini Hattagadi, Divya Dutta, Alka Kubal, Kishori Shahne Vijayendra Ghadge, Alok Nath, etc., The movie was Directed by Deepak Balraj Viz, Music Director Late Pandurang Dixit, Written by Vikas Kapoor and Produced by Ausim Khetrapal. The movie was essentially to entice & energize even those who believe in today’s Hero worship and would become believers of spiritual saints only when they would see their today’s “Matinee idol also following the ideals of BABA”.

The film on BABA made waves and has been therefore broadcast on STAR T.V. network many a times, in past few years, & is being shown in many regional languages like TELUGU now. Thus creating demands from many other regions and countries.

It has also crossed frontiers of India to take Indian Diaspora by storm. Recently, it was applauded at MAURITIUS by devotees of many Sai Baba temples there. It has likewise been sought in other countries with Sub-Titles & / or in Dubbed version.

Foundation has also, in the year 2004 started making TV SERIES to strike an audio-visual appeal for portraying the true incidents & miracles that happened then, still happen to people who approach SHIRDI BABA with a clear devotional heart, and will do good for those who join the family of BABA with a conscience that is free of any doubts.

“SAI DIL SE” (straight from the heart) – is another effort on a spiritual TV Channel “JAGARAN” initiated by the Foundation, that has begun in year 2005, to make those seeking masses witness what they tend to first believe, secondly assimilate, and finally then bring it to practice. Here the idea is to pick ideals & incidents related with BABA before he went for his heavenly abode at SHIRDI. These TV overtures are also slated to be a platform of interactivity amongst SAI BABA devotees.

The Foundation is proud to present the VCD’s and DVD’s in different volumes that comprises of the episodes covered in Sai Dil Se and Sai Jaagran which, are available with the Foundation.Kindly Contact us to get these VCD’s or DVD’s.

Apart from the VCD’s and DVD’s Foundation has an excellent collection of Sai Aarti’s and Bhajans. We at SSBF strongly believe in Sai Bhakti and that’s the reason we have come up with some Shirdi Sai Baba Posters and Calanders that you may like to put up in your Workspace & Home.

Kindly Contact us to avail these small attributes that we have come up with to Ignite the fire of Sai Bhakti within yourself.