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During the year 2001 few young ardent devotees, as a service to Shirdi Sai Baba’s causes, got together to find suitable ways & means to spread the BABA’s divine ideals, message to all and formed “Shridi Sai Baba Movies Trust”.

In today’s context, Audio-visual aids are the best to spread any information, news, entertainment, political election mandates, religious feelings etc that we all witness by the sprawling & mushrooming spread and growth of TV channels.

Question arose why not Baba’s message also not follow same course ?

Decision was affirmative … More so because Baba always believed to live, preach, and act upon things that were prevalent … while he strived & ended prevalent social evils, whether in shape of communalism, casteism or whatsoever he also did all that in the benefit of human welfare.

So a movie “SHIRDI SAI BABA” was made by the Foundation in year 2002, that besides popularity even got the President of India Award.

Revenue generated was ploughed back to set-up a SHIRDI SAI BABA Temple at a holy place like Vrindavan (the place of Lord Krishna).

Another step was then to make “Shirdi Sai Baba Foundation” … the ideal vehicle to go places … not only spreading divine message and to fulfill noble causes … but also to establish deep & serious interactive connectivity amongst the like minded devotees of Baba.

“Shirdi Sai Baba Foundation” does not today know all the individuals & / or Institutions who work in areas, or in isolation that brings limited benefit to the local devotees. “Shirdi Sai Baba Foundation” further contemplates that tomorrow when we all unite and work the productivity will increase … and the benefits will also become of larger magnitude. Exchanges of thoughts, combination of resources, & joining of efforts could reach frontiers that seem far fetched today.

Please do go to our Projects also … to know more … & to do more.