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SSBF Sports Initiatives

Support for Paralympic Committee of India (PCI)
The Foundation has helped the Paralympic Committee of India in conducting the National Para Games in 2017 at Jaipur. The foundation helped them by getting sponsorships and even getting it covered by Doordarshan. Few Pictures are given below:

Support for Para Athletes – Radiant in Quest of Gold

  1. The Players who have become Divyang (Handicapped) either by any disease or by an unfortunate incident but having zeal to perform in sports and athletics for our Nation and wanted to live their life with pride.
  2. The players who have won Medals in National and International Levels but missed out the opportunity in Rio Paralympics 2016.
  3. With the Vision of 2020 we wanted these players to be coached and trained in a best possible manner so that they could win medals for the Country.
  4. As we know we are not able to do this all alone we are looking for like minded people and corporates to come forward and help them achieve their dreams.
  5. The Shirdi Sai Baba Foundation with a vision of producing the Best Sportsman/Athletes of the country has come forward in this cause of getting Sponsorship to these players.
  6. The Foundation has the Sponsorship rights of these players in order to support them in whatever way we can, So that they can be trained by the top class coach with better equipments, methods, strategies and the ways available.

Support for Para Cricketers

  1. These Players are really high on spirits and zeal; they also want to live their life with a pride and want to earn name and recognition.
  2. Whenever they use to say that they want to play cricket, they get abused and insulted because of their physical condition.
  3. Then the Foundation came forward to support and helps them live their life with prestige and is in a process to adopt 20 players.
  4. The foundation garnered the cash support for PCCAI from many corporates in terms of Sponsorship and support from the renowned players of Indian Cricket.
  5. The Foundation organized several Matches of PCCAI team with the team of other countries Physically challenged team i.e. Pakistan, South Africa, Afghanistan, England to name a few..

Sai Baba Peace Award
Mr. Aushim Khetarpal presents Sai Baba Peace awards to tennis legend Martina Navratilova in Kolkata in the year 2016.