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About Aushim Khetarpal

Aushim Khetarpal is one of the leading influencers in the modern age who has the right mix of spirituality and practicality. Pioneer in Sponsorship, Renowned businessman and Master in Sports has now decided to dedicate his life to create more awareness of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Quoting Aushim on his life turn, he says “I will now only be focusing and promoting baba’s work that he allotted me 17 years back (as per year 2018), I feel that’s my calling”. Whatever work AK does, from a public limited company to producing movies, singing spiritual songs and mantras, radio talk show to heal people from current day issues or organizing sports events – it’s all related to Baba.

From Sports to Spirituality

One day while walking on the sidewalk he saw a sign of a company, flashing “Radiant”. That’s it! An idea was born and along with it was born “Radiant Sports Management”.The operation started with the Radiant Tennis Academy at Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, that produced many outstanding national champions.In few years, the company’s and Aushim’s activities expanded into almost every sport arena. All the Main event Since 1989 -2000 were done by Radiant Sports

Big Tournaments from the past curated by Mr. Khetarpal

  • Four Square Radiant Tennis Circuit – 1989 – 1994 – 10 events / year all across India.
  • Videocon Asia Cup 1991.
  • Hero Cup Cricket – 1993
  • Wills Cricket Series -1994-1998
  • 20 Senior Cricket World Series Events – 1998-1999.
  • Start of the Whole Pro Celebrity Series in India.
  • Gold Flake World Billiards Championship – 1989 – 1996.
  • Triple five Snooker – 1991-1994 with all the top snooker players of the world.
  • Hero Puch Squash -1994-1996.
  • 1700 hrs of Television programming Produced of Sports Programs on Star, Doordarshan and Sony.
  • Aushim provided his expertise to many sporting event organizers and helped in producing many mega events.

The Chosen One – Spiritual Healer

Khetarpal, with his god gifted clairvoyance, healed many people across the globe. His solutions to various people reaching out to him have uplifted spirits and found the key to their locked problems. Shirdi Sai Baba foundation hence works towards healing mankind and serving people. More than 13,00,000 active people from India and Other countries have associated with the foundation after experiencing miracles and realizations. An verage number of 300-350 members connect with the foundation to seek solutions from Mr. Khetarpal. Mode of communication with new and old members are via virtual numbers, 24*7 active chat on ssbf.co.in, emailers, whatsapp, and facebook. Aushim occasionally gets into deep thinking when he feels the remedies he receives from baba (for solutions) are unthought off, but with much amaze believers see the miracles when executed.