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Sai Baba

It is remarkable to note that Baba has not traveled anywhere outside the vicinity of Shirdi during his sixty years’ of stay there. It is said that during earlier days, he used to go to Rahata and Neemgoan two hamlets on opposite sides of Shirdi to meet a few friends. Baba also did not write anything, He did not have any signatures, and He did not even have a name!

Baba’s death came in the year 1918. He breathed his last on October 15, 1918, on an auspicious day in Hindu calendar. It was also celebrated as the birthday of Buddha, another great soul born in India.

As per Baba’s wish, his body was taken to the new building Booti was building for Lord Krishna. After initial arguments, it was decided to enshrine Baba’s body in the temple building meant for Lord Krishna. The present day temple called as “Samadhi Mandir” has the mortal remains of Saibaba entombed and an exquisite looking marble statue of Saibaba that attracts millions every year.

More than thirty years before his passing away, a remarkable incident took place. One day, Baba told Mahalsapathy that he was going into Samadhi, a state of trance, and asked him to protect his body. Baba asked Mahalsapthy to bury his body in case he would not return to senses in three days. Baba’s breathing had stopped and his pulse was not felt. Baba laid there listless for whole three days on Mahalsapthy’s lap. Everyone who witnessed this decided that Baba had indeed died and that his body should be buried. Mhalsapthy waited patiently and Baba returned to his body as promised. It is said that Baba did that to relieve himself from asthma he was suffering from.

Baba spent his final days hearing to God’s stories. It is customary in Hindu faith to read out God’s stories and scriptures to those on the deathbed. The news of Baba’s illness spread fast among his followers and a state of gloom descended on Shirdi. Around the same time, Tatya Patil also fell sick and some felt that he was too ill to survive. However, as Baba’s final hours arrived, Tatya began to recover and became normal mysteriously. Baba passed away. As mentioned earlier, it is said that Baba gave his life to Tatya to keep up his word to Bayajabai, Tatya’s mother that he would protect her son.