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Events of SSBF

National Events :- In the year 2001 few young Sai devotees assembled together to globally propagate causes of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba through the audio-visual medium and to do so they did a commendable work to set-up “SHIRDI SAI BABA FOUNDATION” Right in the first year of inception the trust accomplished the Herculean task to lay foundation of building a Sai BABA temple & Ashram in a famous pilgrim center of Vrindavan, near Davanal Kund.

During the year 2002 trust took another leap to produce a feature film on Shirdi Sai Baba by signing the most revered stars & matinee idols of Indian silver Screen. The film soon was awarded by the then President of India Hon’ble K.R. Narayanan for “National Integration”. The feature film “SHIRDI SAI BABA” is also complete for its debut in TELUGU language. The trust took another audio-visual step forward to cast and produce a TV serial on Shirdi Sai Baba, based upon the true happenings with the devotees of the current time, and caused to telecast it on famous Zee TV. Another TV SERIAL on JAGARAN TV called “SAI DIL SE” has also begun where there are three segments and one of which can relate with everyone of us and each one of us could be cast on TV if we have really experienced BABA per se’

International Events :- Presidents award winning film “SHIRDI SAI BABA” had however been, at release taken to countries abroad by the usual commercial distributors. But, recently one of our Sai Bhakt took it to Mauritius & approached all the Indian Diasporas there and by staying put with 28 Sai temples there did 10 free successful shows of the film for those who could not afford coming to or did not wish to pay full values of the theatre tickets. Foundation has also received similar inquiries from neighboring South African PIO’s (people of Indian origin) to have similar shows. There are likewise Sai temples in many numbers who are showing interest in film exhibition and also wish to keep the VCD/DVD on their PRASAD counter for sales.

Prospective Events :-
• NEWS LETTER : Foundation will soon have a newsletter that will be initially quarterly and later on the response of contributions from members, devotees, and YOU increase frequency to monthly, & weekly.

• PICTURE BOOKS : To attract children of nursery age we plan to bring out picture books on true tales of BABA & related stories with Shirdi Baba.

• ACQUIRED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES : We know there are many authors, poets, devotees who have written, composed or sung in the devotion of Baba by his inspiration. Foundation pledges that it will provide the best platform for such people to reach their such contributions to the whole world on a mutually advantageous positions.