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Projects of Foundation

What is already done ? 
Foundation has been working with the intention of giving what the eyes crave to look at, what the mind is prepared to believe in, & what inspires heart to accept and practice. The SHIRDI SAI BABA film was made by roping in the famous matinee idols like Shammi Kapoor, Dharmendra, Vijayendra Ghadge, Alok Nath etc essentially to entice & energize even those who at times only believe in Hero worship and would perhaps become believers of spiritual saints also when they would see their today’s “Matinee idol also following the ideals of BABA”. The film on BABA made waves and has been therefore broadcast on STAR T.V. network many a times, in past few years, & is being shown in many regional languages like TELUGU now. Thus creating demands from many other regions and countries. It has also crossed frontiers of India to take Indian Diaspora by storm. Recently, devotees of many Sai Baba temples applauded it at MAURITIUS. It has likewise been sought in other countries with Sub-Titles & / or in Dubbed version. Foundation has also, in the year 2004 started making TV SERIES to strike an audio-visual appeal for portraying the true incidents & miracles that happened then, still happen to people who approach SHIRDI BABA with a clear devotional heart, and will do good for those who join the family of BABA with a conscience that is free of any doubts. “SAI DIL SE” (straight from the heart) – is another effort on a spiritual TV Channel “JAGARAN” initiated by the Foundation, that has begun in year 2005, to make those seeking masses witness what they tend to first believe, secondly assimilate, and finally then bring it to practice. Here the idea is to pick ideals & incidents related with BABA before he went for his heavenly abode at SHIRDI. These TV overtures are also slated to be a platforms of interactivity amongst SAI BABA devotees. 

What is more to be done?
Reach Sai Baba’s message & preaching to all in India & world over. Construct Sai Baba temples in all four corners of India i.e.(in four Dhams). In each existing temple or as needed, on visible priority, make provisions of Shirdi Sai Baba – Library, Memorial, Lodging places, Schools, Orphanages, & Hospitals. (& all for free). Initiate & Set-up Shirdi Sai Baba’s Global devout family of devotees to increase belief, connectivity, interactivity, & participation. To add features like FREE Hospitals, Lodge, Library, Schools etc at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple that has already been made by the Foundation at Vrindavan during 2004-2005. To install those “nine silver coins” in a New “Temple Memorial” on the soils of SHIRDI, that Shirdi Baba gave over to Late Shrimati Laxmibai Shinde, while HE breathed last in HIS Body & Shape as SHIRDI SAI BABA. Provide maximum help to those affected by any natural calamity or catastrophe. Under the plan “Educate All” … make FREE Shirdi Sai Baba Education Centers at places where education is absent, or a section/s of people are devoid of the same. Provide support to the existing remote Shirdi Sai Baba Temples in doing expansions of sorts, or in implementing their pending plans, to in turn help those who really deserve. Initiate & Create a corpus for poor & needy so as to extend financial support to those, who have not got it from else where. Provide opportunity to each existing prominent & / or remote Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and devotees to come and face the Foundation Camera and reveal facts their temple, related incidents, inspirations, donors, sponsors etc. The volunteers, individuals, trustees, etc involved will also have chance to express themselves on screen mainly to spread the message of BABA & pleasure that they got out of doing BABA’s work, announce their plans of expansions, and the help that they wish to generate out of Foundation’s support.

Shirdi Sai Baba News Letter /Patrika By Foundation: It is proposed to launch this with a view to collect & disseminate all information of every SAI CENTRE to all who would subscribe for it. There will be categories of free subscriptions too, besides paid subscription for nominal charges. News, Views, Information, Writings ( with columns like True incidents/tales, Poems, Stories, Re-search work etc), Social / Charity work, Functions held, Deeds of devotees, Best Center ( for Hygiene, Expansions, Fund raising, Social work etc) could be announced and awarded through this news letter.